Be a Kindness Champion

How do we come become a Kindness Champion? 

Send an email to with your logo and we will add you to our website. Let your customers see that you have taken a stand for kindness. Here is a list of ways you can share the Kindness Challenge with the world around you!

  • ​Take the  Kindness Challenge & have leaders in your group become a Kindness Coaches.
  • Print & Share the Kindness Hotspot Stickers!
  • Share the kindness  messages in your social media platforms #FREE2BKIND
  • Share the Kindness Challenge with your co-workers, customers, friends & family
  • Go PUBLIC - send us your company's logo to be listed as a Kindness Champion!
  • Share the Kindness Challenge PPT or Video at a meeting.
  • Link to the Kindness Challenge from your website.

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Today is the perfect day to get started on your kindness journey!

Start by sharing the Kindness HotSpot!

You can order stickers from There are two designs. Simply login Password:free2bkind

Choose the size and quantity and add your shipping address and payment. Turn the world that surrounds you into a Kindness HotSpot!​

It's time to release your YANG-THANG"!

I have been sharing Kindness Hotspot slickers with Universities, restaurants and even a few Southwest employees and airplanes!

The Chinese proverb of Yin/Yang represents light and dark coming together in harmony. Yang represents the light! it is time to "Release your YANG THANG" and add more light to the world with this digital social media campaign for kindness. 

Right click & save these ready-to-share digital social media kindness messages!

Be sure to include a link to the home page:

and #FREE2BKIND with each post!

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